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History of Each Department

*The Department of Music was established in 1957. By then, it recruited

  junior high school students and offered a five-year program. Since1998,

  it has recruited senior high school students and currently offers a

  four-year program.


*The predecessor of Department of Chinese Music was the school of

   traditional Chinese music inaugurated in 1971. In 1997 it was morphed

   into Chinese Music Department.


*The Dance Department was previously the dance track of the evening

  school of music in National Taiwan Academy of Arts founded in 1970.

  A three-year evening dance program was set up in 1973. In 1997, Dance

  Department (four-year daytime program) was officially established.


*In 1981 the School of Drama was separated from the School of Film and

  Drama that was established in 1955 at the inception of the National Taiwan

  Academy of Arts. In 1994, it was upgraded to the Department of Drama.

  In 2005, it was renamed as the Department of Applied Drama and Theatre,

  and later in 2010, the Department of Drama.  In 2002, the Graduate School

  of Performing Arts was set up with staff from the Ministry of Education

  (MOE) and funded by MOE, simultaneously being merged with the

  Department of Drama to become the present graduate school, known as

  the Graduate School in Performing Arts, the Department of Drama.


*Doctoral Program in Performing Arts was established under approval by

  the MOE in 2011.Recruitment of students initiated in September 2012.