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In accordance with the university charter, four colleges were established

when this institution officially became a university on August 1, 2001.

The College of Performing Arts consists of the Department of Music,

Department of Chinese Music, Department of Dance, Department of

Applied Drama and Theatre, and the Graduate School of Performing Arts

which began recruiting students in 2002. This makes our college the most

complete college of performing arts in Taiwan. Our college is committed

to staying at the forefront of performance art research

Course Information

Based on theoretical studies in performing arts, we uphold the equipment of both virtue and

talents; emphasize the pursuit of truth, goodness and aesthetic understanding.  Not only do

we fully develop the fundamental characteristics of a range of professional areas in drama,

music, traditional Chinese music and dances, we also intensify creativity demonstrated

through inter-disciplinary collaborations, nurturing of international perspective,

and recruitment of outstanding faculty. Ultimately, we aim at fostering contemporary,

expressive performing artists.