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Teaching goals


    Our doctoral program in performing arts prepares graduate students the rigorous

attitude and practical skills in academic studies, fosters talents with international

interactive skills and local cultural characteristics to work in performing arts researches

and productions. Students are trained in this way to be ready to take up careers in

public or private academia and research institutions, arts units, mass media, cultural

publishing industries, and performing arts organizations.


Major Teaching goals:

1. To deepen the academic study and establishment of theories concerning the creative

    aspects in inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and inter-fields in performing arts.

2. To reinforce the hands-on creative experience and development in performances concerning

     inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and inter-fields in performing arts.

3. To help inner development of aesthetics, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural understanding

    in performing arts, to be shown through the structural establishment and internationalization

    of performing arts.

4. Practice of inter-disciplinary collaborative concept in performing arts to promote

    integration of relevant cultural policies and creative industry.










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