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Education in the College of Performing Arts

Teaching Goals of the College of Performing Arts:

  Based on theoretical studies in performing arts, we uphold the equipment

of both virtue and talents; emphasize the pursuit of truth, goodness and

aesthetic understanding.  Not only do we fully develop the fundamental

characteristics of a range of professional areas in drama, music, traditional

Chinese music and dances, we also intensify creativity demonstrated through

inter-disciplinary collaborations, nurturing of international perspective,

and recruitment of outstanding faculty. Ultimately, we aim at fostering

contemporary, expressive performing artists.


Teaching Objectives:

1. Based on core studies courses and cultivation of humanities, we foster

    professionalism, dedication, and teamwork spirit in performing arts talents.

2. Develop the expertise and skills in performing arts.

3. In line with the multi-faceted trend of our time, integrate inter-disciplinary

    usage of media technology in developing performing arts.

4. Practice our care for our society by cultivating the public understanding

    and appreciation of aesthetics in performing arts.

5. Promote the exchanges among teachers and students with the local or

    foreign performing arts industry, and broadening of international perspective.